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Laurence Leboeuf in Some Sex Scene of the Day

This is a pretty rare opportunity that happens pretty much never, when the girl I am writing about happens to be someone who I know on a personal level because 5 years ago, she used to drink at the same parties as me. We used to talk, she was always nice to me, I used to try to fuck her because she was a red head, she wouldn’t let me, I used to try to get her to show me her tits, but she wouldn’t show me them, and then I never saw her again, but today, I finally get to see those tits, 5 years older and a lot less exciting than I thought they would be, but I guess the good news is that she’s making money, so in the event I ever run into her again and she remembers our drunken conversations, she can buy me a couple fucking drinks, especially now that she’s a big movie star in shitty French movies and now that I’ve done this post for her, cuz let’s face it, if I didn’t know her personally, this woulda never made the cut and I have pretty seriously shitty editorial standards to begin with…..

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