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Lele Pons See Through of the Day

Lele Pons has a stupid fucking stage name, her real name is Eleonora Maronese…

She’s a 24 year old fame hungry bitch who turned to the internet to find that fame….she got her start on VINE, when VINE shut down, she got into Youtube, Instagram, all the other places these idiots congregate for even bigger idiots who watch them or are compelled by their lazy content, because we are a world of mindless idiots….

Her instagram has something like 45 million followers, which is super star status on what I would argue is the lamest, Walmart of Big Tech platforms….a place that lacks everything cool…but that everyoen flocks to hoping their ugly asses can be the next Lele Pons…who if you scroll down you will see was fucking hideous before her surgeries…and I don’t think that’s some Awkward Teen before, she’s looking in her 40s with adult braces before veneers, face injections, nose jobs and tits could save the day…she was raised in Miami and was apparently bullied, so clearly bullying works because it made her get hotter, get famous, get paid…which is why I hate when people try to stop bullying, we need it….

The best thing about PONS is that she has Tourettes Syndrome….a “FUCK SHIT FUCK FINGER MY ASSHOLE” kind of girl….I mean that and the hilariousness that will ensue when the dude she marries doesn’t do the background research, knocking her up, only for a troll piece of shit monster to crawl out of her womb….

The worst thing about PONS, is that she makes pop music now, since anyone can…

This is her in some slutty outfity….looking better than she did, but still gross..

Lele Pons before surgery:
Lele Pons Before

Lele Pons Before


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Lele Pons Erotic Nudity for a Mens Magazine of the Day

Lele Pons Nudity Covering her Tits and Ass for GQ Mexico

Lele Ponsis a youtuber

Lele Pons is doing the very important GQ Mexico, because she’s 22 and froM Venezuela and those Spanish Speaking countries all support each other like that, especially when it comes to infiltrating American pop culture…

She was the set of tits used on VINE, where she connected with a bunch of the lame as fuck VINE comedians you all hate, who made too much fucking money and are all now rich as fuck for being what I guess would be considered the modern day DIY Disney Kid…

Then she turned to YOUTUBE when VINE shut down, in a great day for America, I wish that happened to Instagram…

And now she’s out there working it, pushing it, making music, acting in movies and TV, and doing all she can to leverage the brand she built the LELE PONS brand she built to cash the fuck in harder than she already has.

It’s amazing what American will make rich and obnoxious really…

She’s not even hot…which would upset me if I sat and thought about it…you know…if we’re going to let a Do it yourself celebrity be famous, at least make sure she’s hot…

We also know that poor Miami Hispanic trash turned LA celebrity in her own circles thanks to social media makes for a real fucking garbage human…so think of that whilst looking at tht tits.

Lele Pons Nudity Covering her Tits and Ass for GQ Mexico


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Lele Pons Nipple Slip of the Day

This is my attempt to connect with the youths, you know with the people who grew up on VINE, for the millions of people who follow Lele Pons who was at one point a Vine Star, and now just a massively followed Instagrammer / Youtuber / making that money off social media since that’s the Disney Kid of today, all these cheesy fucks making bad comedy for retard kids who get sucked into their life and groupie on them…without the involvement of the evil media empires….like Disney, execs and perverts, these fuckers do it all on their own, proving how overrated being a Disney or media exec actually is, because people can get famous without them now…and I guess that’s why they are trying to regulate the internet, they can’t lose that power, too much money at stake…

Well, apparently, this is her flashing her nipple and really..I don’t see it, but maybe you do, and maybe it’s just a reminder to not bother trying to connect with the youth, unless I meet them on tinder and they want to sit on my face…or experience weird sex practices because along with growing up on VINE they grew up on the PORNO…and are looking for thrills….

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