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Famous Daughter Lesbian Bath of the day

I can’t confirm or deny this is Charlie Sheen’s daughter in the tub with her friends, but I can say that the younger generation is wild.

I recently came across an instagram model with big tits who really could have been an EMRATA if she really wanted, getting FUCKED on only fans 7 years later, because I guess there’s no big deal, it is easy money, and they GET off to being watched…just love the attention.

Basically, this is what girls do now, this is how they behave, it’s cool, trendy, wild, edgy…but weird to people like me who remember when girls were more modest…was it better, I mean it let perverts be perverts who fantasized shit, now it just gives us what we want no effort and I personally like being rewarded or gifted these things after working for them….when they are just handed out like Halloween candy, thy lack that ALLURE, but still give us what we want, so DOUBLE EDGED SWORD I guess…

I mean I remember convincing girls to bathe together in the 90s, but I’d never get to take a pic or document it, not even on polaroid and it took YEARS of convincing to make it happen….yet here it is, just a Tuesday night for these young perverts…AMAZING…really…


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Miley Cyrus Lesbian Fantasy of the Day

I’ve seen other sites run a Lesbian Fantasy post where they throw up a picture of two hot chicks hanging out together at random events in some kind of photo op and I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Here are some pictures of Miley Cyrus grabbing onto some chick who has luxurious fuckin’ hair. It is so glorious and coifed that I just can’t seem to take my eyes off her highlights. Sure she’s got a little facial hair going on but beggars can’t be fuckin’ choosers in this situation and with a scooping unbuttoned shirt, I can look past that shit. I love the gutterslut prison tattoos left on her hand as a memory of her shower scene lesbian gangbang with prison guards and the other rough lookin’ women, because I know that means she knows how to have a good time. I just wonder where Miley would meet this kind of woman, you’d think her parent’s and God wouldn’t approve,

I am surprised that they are out in public together, touching each other the way they are. You know if that was an older man with a 15 year old girl, the police would be up on that motherfucker in about a minute. I guess there’s a double standard when it’s an older woman with a younger girl, but the real issue is what goes on in the bedroom. I know that Miley is a girl of God and doesn’t let men up in her like she was Jamie Lynn Spears, but I was convinced she just took it in the ass instead. God doesn’t get mad if you technically stay a virgin, but I guess she’s taking that virginity shit serious and instead just masturbates with older women. I guess it’s a lot more wholesome and pure.

Yeah, I can admit that this post totally bombed. I slept 3 hours, I am sick and making excuses for this disaster of a post.

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