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Linda Hogan is a Washed-Up of the Day

I want to rape linda hogan, not because she’s hot, but to teach her a lesson for producing the garbage kids that managed to crawl out of that pussy. I guess it wouldn’t be anything this tranny lookin, overdone whore isn’t used to, I mean I hear before getting her pussy beat up by Hulk in the bedroom, she spent a lot of time as a street whore, I mean that’s the only real explanation I have for that haggard fucking face. I guess the biggest joke in all this is that her boyfriend is a 19 year old gay dude, because anal is the only sex she can still have, because no penis is quite big enough to touch her big ol’ vagina walls, and it doesn’t fuck with his homosexuality, because her pussy looks like a set of balls if you get her in the right position.

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Linda Hogan is Fucking a 19 Year Old of the Day

Linda Hogan found a replacement for her son who is currently in jail. The only thing that is better about her new 19 year old man in her life is that she can legally have sex with him and doesn’t have to keep it behind closed doors because almost everyone outside of backwoods Tampa Florida consider fucking your family wrong, so you’re better off finding a dude the same age as your son and looks like your son with long hair because people don’t frown on you.

This is probably a way better deal for Linda Hogan than it is for homeboy, but then again maybe her disgusting old lady body and sexual experience and drive fueled by knowing her husband has a younger model of her, will actually allow him to come to terms with his homosexuality because there is no way this dude likes pussy and is probably a hired actor in some publicity stunt.

But if it’s not, that the Hogans are rich trash trash and that being rich trash makes for a good fuckin’ time, because last time I checked, I am poor trash and the woman I am barely fucking is older and fatter than me and not some 19 year old slut who is my stepdaughter and to make things worse I had to return beer bottles I found in the garbage room in the building next door to be able to afford my 3 packs of Ramen noodles for a dollar.

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Linda Hogan Bikini Pictures of the Day

In a poor trashy family, when the daughter turns 18 and decides to follow their mom’s footsteps into a lifelong career of stripping, she gets the mother’s implant hand me downs when the mom decides it’s time to upgrade because the only way she’ll land a lap dance is if she has cartoon like tits.

In a rich trashy family, they just get the daughter a set of implants for her 16th birthday because having a flat chested daughter would make people question how real her mom’s tits were, and no one wants to be outted as the middle aged woman with fake tits in the neighborhood, it’s better to keep people wondering….That is until you go out in a bikini and prove to the world that the only thing faker than these tits are your hair and maybe your divorce since it’s a good way to take attention away from your car racing son and his crippling driving skills.

I was always a fan of hand me downs when I was a kid and was forced to wear my foster sister’s jogging pants. I never really complained, sure the pink pants didn’t make me many friends, but I could still get off to the period stain she left behind and at the time that was better than jerking off to National Geographic or Three’s Company. I guess I’ve just always had a thing for fertility….a Fertility that Linda Hogan hasn’t seen in quite a few years, sure she may look good enough to fuck because washed up strippers turn me on, but I know that the steroids have left her barren and there’s nothing hot about pre-mature menopause, except for the whole not being able to get pregnant part and not getting sentenced to the bitch for life, or until the kid dies of a birth defect caused by my broken down sperm that’s seen it’s fair share of toxins and now is seeing the world in human form, makes for a good time.

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