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Lindsay Wixson, Sui He, Jasmine Tookes and Elza Luijendijk in Bikinis for Numero of the Day

I’ve been jerking off to fashion photoshoots since the 80s, not because I am into fashion, but because fashion into nudity in some ironic, we’re fucking artists, these are models not strippers, kind of way, that luckily doesn’t involve fat chicks, helps instill negative body images in girls, and is an all round solid multi billion dollar industry, filled with sweatshops, exploitation and most importantly, glamourous hot pussy other pussy grows up to and aspires to be….

So here are some models in bikinis….for Numero….

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Lindsay Wixson is a Freak for Purple Magazine of the Day

I always wonder about the model/fashion world. Actually, I never do, but when shit like this comes into my inbox, I gotta step back and wonder what the fuck is going on. Are they trying to get the most obscure looking tall and skinny bitches because they’ve exhausted actual hot girls. Are they trying to be ironic and give girls with birth defects a chance, like the time I fucked an amputee. Is this bitch actually considered to be a natural beauty. Or is the shit run by drugged up faggots who think this monster looks like a fucking cartoon because she does…and that makes their boring photoshoot artistic….either way…it’s freaking me the fuck out…I didn’t know people looked like this…and I was happier that way…unless she’s just making stupid faces…and doesn’t actually need an oral surgeon and plastic surgeon…but does need to get more naked…cuz genetically weird or not…I still wanna see her tits.

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