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Jasmine Tookes Tits on the Beach of the Day

Jasmine Tookes Tits in a White Bikini

The biggest fail in my blog publishing career happened last night, while drunk, around 1 am…when I posted these pictures for you, my dearest friend, without actually writing a post, because I was trying to save it to post later, you know to prep it up for when I was sober and prepared to write the same thing I write about all these bitches, but for a different bitch, because I am not a journalist and I don’t delve into their story, their inner workings, I just look at the tits they present me with – because that’s all they present me with – or the most noise they make in the world…

She’s the Ethnic, affirmative action, inclusion VS model….to prove VS is not racist….evil maybe, but not racist, at least not to white or black people…the asians on the other hand man their factories and that’s likely a whole other story….

Here are some tits on the beach day of the day.

Jasmine Tookes Tits and Ass in Tiny Bikini on the Beach


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Jasmine Tookes Naked of the Day

Jasmine Tookes naked

Token Black / Indian Victoria’s Secret girl Jasmine…up on some Alladin shit..

SHOW the world they are inclusive as long as the girl meets certain measurement requirements…you know unrealistic body expectations for girls everywhere ….because a hot body has no fucking race, ethnicity, or in this day and age, GENDER, if ti’s hot it is hot…and her body is banging…and I guess she knows it because she’s all naked in a photo for “art” and LIKES AND FOLLOWS for payment

Jasmine Tookes Naked on the beach

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Jasmine Tookes and Lais Ribeiro in Bikini’s of the Day

jasmine tookes in a bikini on the beach

There’s nothing more magical than some single mom sex worker, who doesn’t need to be a sex worker anymore, thanks to Victoria’s Secret hiring her and legitimizing her as a sex worker, applying lotion on her face, in a way that could give you flashback of her taking loads on her face, if you were one of the casting agents who dropped loads on her face, but based on her single mother being more into taking loads in her cunt….

Good tits…All these Victoria Secret girls hanging together like part of a sex ring, sex cult….which I guess they are….


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Jasmine Tookes in a Swimsuit of the Day

Jasmine Tookes Black Bikini

Shanina Shaik is a model from Australia who once dated Tyson Beckford, despite the world thinking he was gay, a male model who has been known to post up pics of his boner in tight underwear on his social media, a penis that likely destroyed a few pussies, in a way that forced her to continue dating the black men…and she is now engaged to a dude named DJ RUKUS, whatever the fuck that is…I don’t pay attention to things…ever.

She’s having a bachelorette party or some bullshit, where model Jasmine TOOKES attended and posted the butt shots, which is all we really care about in this story of love and romance….

It is a reminder of how hot back women are and more importantly how I’ve never had sex with a black women because I guess they are racist towards me.

Here are some pics from the social media…

Shanina Shaik the Bride to Be’s ass..because whatever…

Shanina Shaik bachelorette

THe other guest, look at their color coded bathing suits – so clever and tacky….but ASS!

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Romee Strijd and Jasmine Tookes being Slutty of the Day

Romee Strijd stretching with bands

Romee Strijd and Jasmine Tookes took to the streets to participate in a photoshoot for a billion dollar evil brand that sells overpriced, shit quality panties, to the world of middle of the road mall shoppers….by just showing up….because they are the hired vagina used to sell overpriced, shit quality panties to the middle of the road mall shoppers…

I don’t know how these immigrant babes are relatable in the least, but they exist and they get half naked for a million dollars a year, lottery winners in the get half naked for money lottery and these aren’t that easy to jerk off to – but you can always try.

Here’s Romee – looking skinny as fuck, which is a fetish to a pervert like me, because I frequent the Pro Anorexia forums all the time, looking for women who really care about their looks more than their health, and from my years of having this anorexia fetish….of at least she’s not fat, I can tell an eating disorder when I see one and it usually comes in the form of excess body hair…that you’ll notice on Romee Strijd’s arm…and who can blame her, she’s a Victoria’s Secret model…give girl a break…she’s got unrealistic body expectations to project to the world….my girl…


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Jasmine Tookes Nipples in GQ of the Day

Jasmine Tookes see through shirt

Jasmine Tookes is the token Black or maybe she’s Indian, I mean she’s definitely of color to make the brand seem like they are all-inclusive, like a shitty resort I got Chlamydia in the hot tub, at least that’s what I told my wife, it was really in some fat chick I met at the bar while on a family vacation, it’s always the fat ones you don’t think fuck, who you use no condom with thinking you’re safe based on logic, who actually fuck more than they eat cake, because they want it, and never use condoms because other guys think they are the only one fucking them..

Not a problem Jasmine Tookes has, I mean this girl is pretty substantial, I guess trying to build her profile, doing media, targing men, hoping they jerk off to her as girls do….

Lookin’ Good.

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Jasmine Tookes Victoria’s Secret Model of the Day

Jasmine Tookes Victoria's Secret Model

Jasmine Tookes is Victoria’s Secret’s answer to social consciousness, inclusiveness…I think they call it AFFIRMATIVE ACTION…because the black / colored people are a real demographic, they buy the products and they should have someone so far removed from their existence, but who is of color to represent them as their ambassador in lingerie…even though she’s American…

They company wants to appear like they care, like they are diverse, it is so important in this era, and it is important, but they are just doing it for the PR so they don’t get slaughtered.

That’s not to say Victoria’s Secret hasn’t had black women in the past, they have, because they just book hot skinny bitches with tits…as they should…regardless of color…but now all companies have to book based on keeping up appearances so it’s not sincere or genuine..but rather just marketing.

That doesn’t take away from her big tits on her skinny frame..thank god for that.

Here she is working out….


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