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Some Bitches Modeling Lingerie in the Streets of the Day

This is what I call some Rogue Lingerie modeling. It’s like these bitches don’t need a runway, or a studio, or a beach to get half naked and posing. They don’t need a photographer, or camera crew, or make-up artist. They don’t need high profile hotels to relax between takes. They just get up, get out and get naked on the streets promoting some bra that is supposed to make your tits two cup sizes bigger, something I assume flat chested Paris Hilton’s been using the last few nights out as a single girl, and really more girls need to stop worrying about making their tits look two cups bigger, cuz you are just gonna disappoint a homie when he gets you home, but
start worrying about leaving the house like these bitches did, cuz gorilla-style, grass roots, bikini modeling is something every pussy should be into….it’ll make my world a better place….like that Michael Jackson song, but with less child molesting and more half nakedness.

Pics via LFI

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