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Janice Dickinson’s Got a Fucked Up Lip of the Day

Janice Dickinson is pretty hot, not only is she a washed up, mangled up, retired, cokehead, cock hungry model, but she also has big ol’ tits that she doesn’t mind showing off because she’s just such a trainwreck of a person. The kind of trainwreck who doesn’t flinch when you shove your dick in them when they are sleeping, because they are too jacked on sleeping pills and when they wake up with the cum dripping out of them, they don’t think twice because it’s a normal fucking situation in their lives.

The funny thing about these pics is her mouth, I am guessing this is some botched surgery or bad botox and she’s all lookin’ at me with a crooked smile and it looks like she’s got a fucking burger stapled to her face.

Speaking of burgers, I went to the other night, where my overly sensitive friend decided to have a group of us over because he really wanted to cook for us and celebrate his getting a girlfriend or something equally lame. This is the kind of emotionally unstable dude who would stab his on mother in the neck if she said the wrong thing about him. Anyway, dude ends up making burgers and I’m all excited because we don’t eat that kind of fancy shit at home, we’re more of a Ramen Noodle, Pasta with Soya Sauce and Margarine kind of family, and when it gets to me, I garnish it with all the good shit, I’m talking cheese and BBQ sauce and fried onions and bacon and the fucking thing looked like a piece of fuckin’ heaven. I bite into it and shit’s still raw. Now I know real men like raw meat, but it makes me sick to my fucking stomach and as my friend looks at me for my approval of how good it is and as I try to mask my disgust by smiling and saying it’s awesome because I don’t want to get stabbed in the fucking neck, I just keep on eating through it. Knowing there is going to be a bout of E-Coli, knowing my body isn’t going to react well to this…I just keep going…like a horny dude fucking an Aids pussy without really thinking of the consequences.

I guess my bbq story was a waste of time, but hey man, I write the shit that comes to me, deal with it by lookin’ at these tits….

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