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Live Bloggin’ the MTV Movie Awards One Day Late of the Day

I am late on this, but that’s because I don’t have a TV so I didn’t bother watching it so my live blogging is more about how I sat at home and ate a bag of chips to myself because I have taken up emotional eating since I hate my life and it is the only thing that brings happiness. But here are a few pictures from the MTV Movie awards that I am sure were boring as fuck and remind me every year why I can’t stand famous people because they are full of shit and don’t make me laugh but think they are funny because everyone pays attention to them as they live their cushy lives on their piles of money in a false confidence that comes from constant approval – like the ugly chick who thinks she’s got it going on because she gives good head because she’s a good eater and all the dudes know that to get that good head all they need to do is send a text message asking for it and that’s a lot easier than actually trying to get your dick in a good looking girls mouth…Either way, here are some MTV Award pics that you’ve already seen.

Charlize Theron Because Despite Getting Old, Makes Me Want to Go to South Africa to Find Both A Younger Version and HIV

Audrina Patridge Because She Got on the List Because She is on an MTV Show and Not Because She’s Famous and I Like to Celebrate When People Trick the System….

Heidi Montag at the Event Because Only MTV Cares About Her

Lauren Conrad at the Event Because She’s an MTV Employee Too…..And Getting Into This Event is Like Going to Your Company Christmas Party But a Little more Upscale than the One Glass of Piss Wine you get at your Company Party…

Megan Fox because Everyone Likes Her Even Though I Know She’s a Fucking Loser….

Rumer Willis Because She Can’t Hide the Ugly No Matter How Hard She Tries….

Tila Tequila because She’s Got a Fake Reality Show on MTV Too….

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