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Jennifer Love Hewitt Pulled It Together of the Day

I spoke too soon. These pictures lead me to believe that shes not a lazy fucking pig, but an anorexic. Now that her marriage was cancelled, the world laughed at her fatness, she started dating that Kennedy asshole from that annoying show who fucked a girl I know when he was in Montreal, a girl we terrorized after the fact because we all thought it was funny she groupied out to a guy who doesn’t deserve groupies, it was one of those “he’s a model, he’s in the local pharmacy flyers” kind of shit, only the TV and Video version.

Either way, Jennifer Love, let’s take back what we said about catching swine flu from your puss, and have you send up a signed pair of dirty panties for me to wear as a hospital mask while the rest of the world dies off, ideally leaving just you and me, the way it was meant to be. Or some shit.

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