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Hulk Hogan Rubbing Lotion on Brooke Hogan of the Day

These pictures are some awkward fuckin’ pictures of Brooke Hogan being rubbed down by her dad and not of her dad’s new girlfriend who looks like an older version of Brooke Hogan and a younger version of his wife. It’s been joked that he is dating an older version of his daughter because he has some kind of sick incestuous fantasy he’s got, like the first porn I saw called “Sharon” that was an incest porn from the 70s where the dad said classic lines like “this is the shit that made you going back in you” and “you sure didn’t learn how to suck dick from your mother” or “I’m going to come in your ass cuz I don’t want no bastard babies running around the house” but to be fair to Hulk, he’s a piece of trash and this is what pieces of trash pussy looks like.

I think he’s just knows how to tan properly and it’s his kind of right of passage to his daughter, you know showing her the right way to get ‘er done before he dies. It’s like seeing a butcher teach his kid how to cut meat or a farmer teaching his kid how to tend the fields, in some kind of passing the torch over to the next generation and its not sexual like the time he jerked off to watching her changing from the crack in her door or the time he accidentally walked in on her in the shower, despite having 4 other bathrooms in the house, or the time he took her virginity so she’d know how to do it proper. Maybe it’s some in love with yourself shit, where fucking something you made isn’t wrong, it’s masturbation but no matter what this genetic sexual attraction shit is, it makes me uncomfortable.

It’s a lot like the time I saw a kid rubbing his mom down with lotion at some public pool – Watch It


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I am – Tara Reid Rubbin’ Lotion on Her Fake Tits of the Day


So I am guessing that these Tara Reid pictures are from when she was in Australia. I am pretty sure she isn’t there anymore, but keeping tabs on Tara Reid’s itinerary isn’t really a hobby of mine, not because I wouldn’t like to do body shots out of her asshole at a Spring Break party, but because I am lazy. It’s a curse.

Bitch is looking skinny and I’m into that, mainly because skinny girls have eating disorders and along with making them a cheap date, it also means that you’re better off eating out their assholes than actually making out with them, because their assholes are hardly used, while their mouth just smells like rotting insides and stomach acid and death.

Unfortunately, Tara Reid’s not a real skinny chick with an eating disorder, she’s more of the kind of bitch who just throws up blood and dinner every night after binge drinking, and to kick the excess booze weight that manages to seep, she just uses her money from shitty movies to get liposuction, leaving the skin on her stomach a haggard sloppy mess, making me wonder what her vagina looks like, but happy to know that if it doesn’t make the cut, or if she’s having a herpes outbreak, I can always mold a new one to fuck with her loose stomach skin. Not that my penis works, but this is the internet I can pretend. Kinda like when you told the internet girlfriend youmet on Second Life about how you weren’t a useless poor fat fuck and that you’ve actually had sex, but way cooler, because it’s me doing it. Cuddles.

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