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Some Drunken Macy Gray Video to Start My Day of the Day

Wow, I haven’t slept in until 3 pm in a long time. I must be depressed. I think it’s gotta do with hating celebrities and the fact that people idolize them. I got to watching some of those gossip shows the other night at a friend’s house and I saw how they hold this useless fucks up in high esteem. They were talking about such menial bullshit that you wouldn’t even want to hear about your best friend if they called you to tell you how their day went, they were commenting on their style, they were talking about some retarded stories that are going on in their celebrity life, and I had to stop and try to figure out if I was one of these people, because I know I don’t give a fuck about celebrities or what they do, I am far more interested in everyday people, naked chicks and silly stunts, so I’m trying to decide what I’ve done with my life while figuring out what I am going to do with it to make up for being a sleazy, mean, disgusting version of Access Hollywood. In my defense, I just make fun of paparazzi pics, and don’t actually know much about these sluts, but figure I am part of the problem with society, so I choose sleep and booze over updates…..

That said here’s a drunken Macy Gray leaving a club, because drunk chicks are awesome, even if they look like dudes.

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