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Maia Mitchell’s Australian Disney Kid Nipples of the Day

Maia Mitchell is some 26 year old born in Australia with her tits out, because girls from Australia are SLUTTY….not that showing off your tits is considered slutty now…girls would get mad at me for writing that…which may be why I write it…anything for some female attention, even if it’s negative…but I doubt it, I think I write it because I think it’s the basic, simplistic way to get noticed….LET THE PAPARAZZI SEE YOUR NIPS…

From Australia, she moved to AMERICA, where she played a teen in a series of Disney movies as recent as 4 years ago when she was 22….because Disney despite being rumored pedos consistently use 20 year olds as high school kids. Fascinating. I know.

She’s currently on some spin-off of a show you’ve never heard of, and the premise is:

Two girls from some bullshit show you never watched relocate to Los Angeles to begin the next phase of their lives. As they move into a communal living apartment building called The Coterie, Callie becomes a law clerk working for Judge Wilson while Mariana becomes a software engineer. The two of them navigate their young adult lives while interacting with their neighbors and the people they befriend.

Sounds brilliant and written by some loser who moved to LA to make it who is now apparently making it cuz they have a show and I don’t…

Not as brilliant as bringing hype to that show with your nips out…for the paparazzi to really let us know that you’re here.

Here’s some shit from her instagram…where you can tell she’d make a solid organ donor for Selena Gomez…and probably is already one….

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Maia Mitchell Panty Flash for My Birthday of the Day

MM (1)

22 year old Australian Maia Mitchell, who apparently an actress who has been in the industry since 2005 when she was 12, leading to a whole bag of issues that come with pushing your kid into working at a young age, motivating them by spoiling them and telling them they are the best, only to realize that they aren’t…makes for crazy…

That said, she’s outside a bar, flashing her panties, because she’s a big star on ABC Family you’ve never head of and all I know is that as an Australian, I’d expect her to be playing ping pong with her dick…or something equally outrageous, since Australians are so much fun…


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