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Penny Lancaster is a Fucking Monster of the Day

Here is further proof Rod Stewart is gay. He can have all the kids in the fucking world. He can date all the tall blonde models in the world and marry them as a front. He can sing all the songs he wants about women and love but the fact he fucks Penny Lancaster, the wife he’s probably been with the longest and who he will probably stay with the longest just screams homosexual, cuz there’s no striaht way any dude, even old and washed up, would be able to get hard for this…I mean, unless they were drunk, in which case a vagina is a vagina….especially in short shorts….even when it is old and low on estrogen….cuz Rod slips testosterone in her cereal…hoping that clit turns dick….here is her pink manly ass for those of you who may be on the fence about your sexuality…

Pics via Bauer

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