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Camila Alves and Marisa Miller Making Stupid Faces of the Day

Marisa Miller and Camila Alves were at some movie premiere the other night and I figured I’d put up the pictures because I think both these bitches are overrated…one is an old, mono-brow mom from South America and the other is some fake tit looking stripper with a hard face and hard body, but both are photoshopped and marketed into pussies you all think are amazing…You gotta look at these pictures closely and see what they actually are….which coincidentally is also a threesome fantasy for those of us who don’t seek perfection, but appreciate everything that isn’t what we already have especially when it isn’t fat…

Noureen DeWulf was there…I don’t know who she is…but she has tits, a lot like most women…making her nothing real special in the grand scheme of things…but who needs special….

Matthew McConaughey’s Mom was there flashing her ass proper….

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Marissa Miller’s Got a Hot Body at the Spike Guy’s Choice Awards

I think this Marisa Miller girl is over-rated. I can’t really figure out what it is that I don’t like about her, I’m thinking her nose got broken in one of her fitness boxing classes or some shit because something that’s going on her face is throwing me of. I know she’s got a solid fuckin’ body and she reminds me of the link between hot bikini models and pornstars but since guys like her, here she is at some Guy’s Choice award for Spike TV, which last time I checked wasn’t a real network, so their award show is pretty much irrelevant.

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