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Camila Alves and Marisa Miller Making Stupid Faces of the Day

Marisa Miller and Camila Alves were at some movie premiere the other night and I figured I’d put up the pictures because I think both these bitches are overrated…one is an old, mono-brow mom from South America and the other is some fake tit looking stripper with a hard face and hard body, but both are photoshopped and marketed into pussies you all think are amazing…You gotta look at these pictures closely and see what they actually are….which coincidentally is also a threesome fantasy for those of us who don’t seek perfection, but appreciate everything that isn’t what we already have especially when it isn’t fat…

Noureen DeWulf was there…I don’t know who she is…but she has tits, a lot like most women…making her nothing real special in the grand scheme of things…but who needs special….

Matthew McConaughey’s Mom was there flashing her ass proper….

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Camila Alves Interracial Fuck in The Confidant of the Day

Camila Alves is Matthew McConaughey’s hot, brazilian model who he has a kid or two with….She’s pretty fucking substantial and she was in some obscure, straight to DVD movie this year where she was involved in some sex drama with a black guy and a black girl. The movie clip I saw wasn’t in English so I’m not entirely sure what happened, but I do know there’s a bit of lesbianism, a bit of ass, a lot of interracial and some amazing, bottom heavy tits that I want in my fucking mouth….Seriously, this movie made me realize that gaping, sagging, vile mom-pussy or not – she’s got it going on…

I couldn’t figure out how to post the clip, so you’ll just have to follow this download link….

To Download the Clip – Follow This LInk

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Gisele and Camila Alves in the Hottest Postnatal Workout Group of the Day

Where I am from, the only postnatal workout group a bitch joins is when they get hired for a gangbang party for businessmen in town for a conference….but sometimes when I am in the part I see some ghetto bitches walking around in circles with their kids smoking cigarettes who I always assume met at some halfway house for battered new mothers on welfare….and then there’s the rich part of town’s public pool where at 10 am daily the spic pussy comes in for mommy/baby swimming classes, only they aren’t the babies, they are just busy carrying the babies around while the white women head to their postnatal workout class…but I guess things worked out differently for these whores….because they are rich and Hollywood and the only bed making they do is getting knocked up by white dudes….living the American dream…

I’m not convinced Gisele is a real woman or if she had a real baby, but I like her ass regardless….and Camila Alves is just bonus.

Pics via Fame

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Some Monday Morning Fertile Sluts in See Thru Clothes of the Day

I like to keep track of women who don’t use the pill or believe in birth control cuz that kind of risk factor excites me, I mean as long as they are in the first trimester and they only look a little chubby in the pussy, not when they reach obvious pregnancy, that’s pretty much when they retire from being sexy and become mom’s with vaginas too big to hug my small penis.

Either way, I guess something happens to you hormonally when your body knows that you are going to give it all fuckin’ up, because that’s the only explanation for why both these pregnant whores are in see thru shirts, I mean other than the possibility that they are trying to squeeze into they non-maternity clothes and there’s not enough fabric to cover their slut asses up, but there’s not fun in that, I like to think it’s intentional…now all we need is some before and after pussy shots, as that is my fetish….

Camila Alves:

Ellen Pompeo:

Pics Via FAME (not the gay new musical)

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Camila Alves in Some Pregnancy Bikini Pictures of the Day

Here name is Camila Alves and you know her as the immigrant model who Matthew McConaughey fucks and knocks up on the regular basis from another country but I like to think I know her as the hairy little troll I wanted to fuck before she got knocked up on the regular and gave up on her man-scaping, not that she’s built like a man, she’s just hairy like one and despite hairy bitches being disgusting, their testosterone levels are where you want them to be when it comes to sex drive, cuz those bitches high on estrogen just never wanna fuck, they are too busy crying about everything….where a testosterone bitch is too busy taking it from every angle….and in Camila Alves case, her chronically swollen uterus is the proof!!

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Camila Alves’ Hairy Stomach is Pregnant and in a Bikini of the Day

Pregnant with Matthew McConaughey’s second baby that he knows about, Brazilian Camila Alves showed off her hairy swollen uterus. Maybe it has to do with her hormones being all out of wack since she’s got something growing inside of her, but I’m pretty sure it’s got more to do with her latin roots cuz those bitches tend to be hairy as fuck, which always amazes me because I’ve got latin roots but for some reason have a patchy beard that reminds me of a 13 year old french kid. Maybe that means that I’m more woman than I like to admit, depsite being forced to admit it everytime I take a piss and realize I’m squirting out of nothing more than a pathetic little clit, but that’s not the point, the point is that I’d definitely fuck this bitch well into her third trimester without a condom, just because I know she can’t get pregnant with my kid if she’s already pregnant, it’s real simple biology.

Bonus – Matthew McConaughey’s mom was also sluttin’ out on the beach with her Texan granny ass….

Pics via INF

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Camila Alves is a Pretty Hot Hairy Mom of the Day

I was in an Indian run grocery store yesterday buying my wife some supplies to get her through the night, like cheap ice cream and a bag of chips. I was there with my stepdaughter who wanted to come along for the ride, even though it was more of a walk down the street. I started playing around in front of the hairy brown clerk by taking her obscure product line of native Indian food and rubbed it on my stepdaughter’s face, saying things like “you’re going to get an Indian disease” and “now you have Malaria” and “you’re going to turn the color of your mother’s shit she stained the toilet with earlier today” and “now you smell like curry” and after about 5 minutes of laughing at the crap this chick was selling, she pulled out a hammer and said to get the fuck out of her store before she attacked in her thick accent I couldn’t really take serious leading to me laughing more, until she got out from behind the counter and started to muscle me out. It turns out that she didn’t find laughing at her culture as funny as I did.

Now although Camila Alves is no Indian or Sri Lankan, she’s got the same sideburns as the lady who assaulted me last night and despite that hair little rat face, I find her hot enough to get pregnant, good job Matthew Mcconaughey, this bitch bounced back proper.

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Camila Alves is One Hot Pregnant Chick I’d Like To Fuck of the Day

Her name is Camila Alves, she’s a 22 year old Brazilian model and she let Matthew McConaughey cum inside her. She’s about 3 months pregnant in these pictures from yesterday and she’s one of the rare pregnant chick’s I’d like to fuck while pregnant because she’s just that hot.

I never had an issue with fuckin’ girls who fucked other dudes, even if it was an hour before I was fucking them, because that’s kinda how it works with whores and I sure as fuck don’t have any issue with fucking a girl who is all hormonal, gassy, bloated and carrying another man’s baby, it be like some kind of threesome that isn’t like other pregnant threesomes because I wouldn’t be the father shoving cock in my baby’s developing face.

I guess the cherry on this sundae is that a pregnant chick you didn”t get a pregnant can’t come back at you with paternity tests and shit because you know she was pregnant before you, so in a lot of ways, pregnancy is the best form of birth control with a bitch who’s already pregnant with another man’s baby.

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