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Some Monday Morning Fertile Sluts in See Thru Clothes of the Day

I like to keep track of women who don’t use the pill or believe in birth control cuz that kind of risk factor excites me, I mean as long as they are in the first trimester and they only look a little chubby in the pussy, not when they reach obvious pregnancy, that’s pretty much when they retire from being sexy and become mom’s with vaginas too big to hug my small penis.

Either way, I guess something happens to you hormonally when your body knows that you are going to give it all fuckin’ up, because that’s the only explanation for why both these pregnant whores are in see thru shirts, I mean other than the possibility that they are trying to squeeze into they non-maternity clothes and there’s not enough fabric to cover their slut asses up, but there’s not fun in that, I like to think it’s intentional…now all we need is some before and after pussy shots, as that is my fetish….

Camila Alves:

Ellen Pompeo:

Pics Via FAME (not the gay new musical)

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