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Ellen Pompeo Shitty Bikini Pics of the Day

Ellen Pompeo isn’t hot…but she’s in a bikini and luckily as a man married to a fat as fuck bitch…I find happiness in a skinny, lifeless ass…it is probably the reason I have so many dead heroin addict hookers in my basement….no, I have those for sex.

I know dead hooker jokes have lost their appeal now that people are actually podcasting necrophilia on the internet…it’s the hottest shit in the gay community….and will eventually trinkle into the straight world like it was anal sex….

But if a bitch looks like a zombie or a corpse…with a lifeless ass on the beach…something I’m not used to while surrounded by obesity…I have no choice by to go down that dead hooker road…but only cuz a dead hooker is probably hotter than this shit…even though I’m not into dead hookers….but I am really not into Ellen Pompeo..

This post confuses me.


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Ellen Pompeo’s Low Cut Shirt of the Day

Who the fuck is this awkward bitch Ellen Pompeo and why the fuck am I posting her showing off the last of her milk-filled mom tits. I mean shit, it’s not like anyone is watching Grey’s Anatomy jerking off to her bullshit drama and hard face……. or maybe they are, I mean I learned a long time ago that someone out there has jerked off to the most obscure scenario your sick mind can think of, from grandfathers shitting, to teenage abortions, someone out there finds that the hottest shit ever….but the general public doesn’t think she’s a sex symbol or even hot….she won’t be topping any bullshit magazine lists on sex appeal….so maybe she should chill out on the low cut tops….even if all girls should rock low cut shirts no matter how ugly they are….it just makes the world a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race….

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Ellen Pompeo’s Ass Kicking Mom Nipple of the Day

Ellen Pompeo is built like a tank, you know like Cameron Diaz Pretending to be Madonna, leaving the gym post pregnancy, but her nipples can’t hide the fact that a babies been sucking on the shit as hard as it can before shit dry up and turn into a dude from all the testosterone and the good news is no one knows who the fuck Ellen Pompeo is to notice. I mean other than the trailer park trash who watch Grey’s Anatomy….not that they use the internet….

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Ellen Pompeo Brings the Question of the Day of the Day

Have any of you ever jerked off to Ellen Pompeo?

(cuz I’m having a hard time beleiving anyone ever would, I’ve always found her old and sloppy looking, and she hasn’t really every been featured in slutty situations, other than her whole pregnancy, cuz pregnancy means taking load inside your slut pussy, and even in these almost see through workout clothes she is vile, but I wouldn’t put it past any of you so that is the question of the day, I didn’t ask it cuz I don’t want to know, so answer it)

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Ellen Pompeo’s Mom Ass in Spandex of the Day

I never found Ellen Pompeo hot, but in my defense, I’ve never found most of the girls I’ve actually had sex with hot, but I still had sex with them, and I’m just posting pictures of this hag, and not even buying her drinks with a guilty conscious knowing that after I cum, I’ll have to tell her a fake name and give her a fake number so that she doesn’t call me back, not because I’m all that impressive in any way, but that they are just that fucking desperate and ugly….

The nice thing about checking out girls is that that don’t have to look good or be hot, they just have to be wearing tight enough clothes and be willing to show the world their milk filled tits or spandex wearing ass, as she spends her days trying to get her body back to where it was before getting knocked up, as her career depends on it….and I like to think she’s doing an okay job…but like the mom’s I check out on the street leaving Yoga class in tight bike shorts, I have no idea what her body looked like before she got pregnant, I just know her pussy was a hell of a lot less stretched out and damaged, since she wasn’t worth lookin’ at then, and maybe she’s not even worth lookin at now, but I’m posting the pics anyway.

Pics via Bauer

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Ellen Pompeo’s Mom Tits of the Day

The only thing hot about pregnancy is that it makes tits milk filled for a little while. I guess that’s the logic husbands use when they try to fuck their post pregnant wife and her newly stretched out pussy in a “hey at least she’s got tits” despite the other 30 pounds she’s gained and won’t lose but will blame you for every time you fight or she tries to squeeze into her wedding dress only to be reminded of her new mom body….which usually happens well after her milk has dried up and her tits are like empty grocery bags in the wind…and the whole thing is depressing but not as despressing as Ellen Pompeo’s haggard face…

Pics via Fame

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Ellen Pompeo is Showing Off Her Post-Pregnancy Tits of the Day

Looks like Ellen Pompeo tried to reclaim some of that sex appeal she thought she once had before she had her kid, but that I don’t think she ever had because there’s nothing hot about her, and she did it the good old fashion way….by showing her new fat tits.

I guess it’s like when a girl gets her period and hormonally knows to dress and act sluttier to show off her swollen tits despite ruining the good times by dropping the bomb everytime she brings a random dude home and has to say “We can’t tonight, I have my period” when he is about to stick his dick in her forcing dude to suck it up and reply “I don’t give a fuck, just fuck me you whore who brought me home tonight even though we just met, when girls never bring me home and I don’t even remember the last time I got laid, but thanks to your hormones and possibly God, I’m not leaving here without having my dick in a pussy, so get out your plastic shee”, only instead of blood dripping out of her vagina, she’s had baby crawl out of the shit and here are her tits in an animal print bra…cuz she’s trying her hardest to remind herself guys want to fuck her…

Pics via Bauer

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Some Monday Morning Fertile Sluts in See Thru Clothes of the Day

I like to keep track of women who don’t use the pill or believe in birth control cuz that kind of risk factor excites me, I mean as long as they are in the first trimester and they only look a little chubby in the pussy, not when they reach obvious pregnancy, that’s pretty much when they retire from being sexy and become mom’s with vaginas too big to hug my small penis.

Either way, I guess something happens to you hormonally when your body knows that you are going to give it all fuckin’ up, because that’s the only explanation for why both these pregnant whores are in see thru shirts, I mean other than the possibility that they are trying to squeeze into they non-maternity clothes and there’s not enough fabric to cover their slut asses up, but there’s not fun in that, I like to think it’s intentional…now all we need is some before and after pussy shots, as that is my fetish….

Camila Alves:

Ellen Pompeo:

Pics Via FAME (not the gay new musical)

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Ready to Drop Sluts Bump into Each Other of the Day

I always find it funny when I see pregnant girls standing together, not because of all the bitching and complaining and moaning about how they are retaining water, how they are craving weird foods, or any of that other moody shit that goes on with pregnant chicks, but because I like identifying the bitches who don’t used contraceptives and who don’t believe in abortion so that I can warn my friends to stay the fuck away from them when their perfect little family lives fall apart and they are left with nothing but a broken home, kids they don’t want and a shittier body than when they started this whole baby making bullshit. I also like the farting and the talking about various gyno experiences, but that’s just because I like all things vagina, even if the fuckin’ thing is on it’s last legs, I mean that’s the whole reason I cruise the cancer ward in the hospital…..

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Ellen Pompeo Hard Nipples With No Bra of the Day

So I am watching Oprah, like I do everyday since I am pretty much a house wife and when the TV works, it’s the only channel I have. I may not have a vagina, but I do have a penis that works a lot like a vagina, a really rank smelling vagina. Either way, Oprah is about Sex in the City and Ugly Sarah Jessica Parker is on bragging about how the show has a committed male fan-base and as the camera scrolls over the audience, the 4 men they show are all wearing pink cowboy shirts and clapping their hands like drag queens with their lips pursed because they are gay. I feel like saying you have a strong male audience is a totally different thing that having a strong gay audience, not because fags aren’t men but because fags fuck men and have more in common with women in things they like doing. I guess Sarah Jessica Parker wouldn’t know since her husband is the biggest fucking queer – he’s all song and dance broadway Broderick so her perception of men is one of having a live in gay who help you pick out your dress, do your hair and make-up and talk to about boys while making you babies. I assume like a bad episode of WIll and Grace but I never watched that shit and I’ve never watched this Sex in the City trash because I think it gives girls a horrible role-model with ideas that being a slut is ok, denouncing their genetic need to have babies and be homemakers to focus on their career and feed their unhappiness with shopping, consumption and sex with randoms, when we all know a woman’s place isn’t in the work force unless that work force is in my house doin’ my motherfuckin’ dishes while giving me head.

Either way, here’s Ellen Pompeo not wearing a bra because shit is represents a patriarchal society and reduces women as sex symbols and they want liberation from that shit. What they don’t realize is that not wearing a bra is a hell of a lot more slutty, especially when your nipples are hard enough to pierce through 2 layers of t-shirts and I can pretty much visualize them naked, not because I want to, but because I have to. At least she counterbalances everything almost decent in these pictures by wearing those stupid fuckin’ pants that makes me feel like I am watching the Harlem Globetrotters or some shit.

As a side note, Kristen Davis just walked onto the set and I’ve already seen her big meaty pussy a month ago in her nude pics that were released and that I had to take off my site from her lawyers and it makes watching her talk more fun because all I see is her massive dark colored labia talking to me about being unhappy when she was 25 and it makes this garbage a little more tolerable.

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