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Mark Salling Pervert Predator Sex Offender Suicide of the Day

Mark Salling was a sexual predator and child pornography collector who deserved to be killed based on that alone…but luckily he took it out on himself and killed himself thanks to being unable to live with his pervert self…that I guess was publicly humilated and who’s career was totally fucking over…rightfully so….people into child porn are the worst scum of the earth who deserve to be murdered violently. That’s some real fucking sick shit to be into….even if it’s a mental disorder – we don’t need that kind.

But after watching this video – it is safe to say that Mark Salling, the actor on GLEE, who raped a girl unprotected before the “METOO” movement, but who also was found to have thousands of child porno pics – and had to register as a sex offender – probably should have killed himself long before he got into this mess…because this song and dance shit from TV is more humiliating than publicly being outted the worst kind a sexual deviant…

I guess the real tragedy in this is that he didn’t bring down the tranny with him, not that she’s that bad since becoming a hot influencer chick who mooches off the press from these people dying.

Here are some of her pics:

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