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Maude Apatow’s in a Bikini of the DAy

Maude Apatow in a White Bikini and White Skirt

Maude Apatow is the product of Judd Apatow / comedian and producer of all the comedy movies of the last 10 years that aren’t really that funny, but that make a shit ton of money and Leslie Mann…the woman in all those Comedies, making their daughter Maude a pretty rich and entitled brat who has her life lined up or set up for her, money in the bank, future inheritance in the bank, access to work that pays well by working in other movies, being all Hollywood…insteaear d of making an actually difference…but at least, unlike all the other celebrity rich kids, she’s going to college to have a semi normal experience…at least that’s the rumor…

But the good news in her behavior, is that at 20, she is like all other 20 year olds, and she is posting stylized, posing, bikini pics, showing off her body for attention, as girls do…it’s the feminist movement you know, a “Look how not fat I am”…

How can you be against a 20 year old in a bikini..the content just keeps on coming…and so do you

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