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Megan Lee Ethridge Topless in Eugene of the Day

If you’re wondering what happened to “20s Girl” from 1 episode of Charmed and “Wife” in Alex and Ro or even “Model 1” in Jake in Progress, well she’s been trying to get her career off the ground by getting topless in some movie called Eugene, because like all low level actors trying to make it, but haven’t seen success traditionally know, tits means hits….

Her name is Megan Lee Ethridge, and obviously no one has ever heard of this bitch, I just figured I’d do a post on her because I appreciate her effort and the direction she’s taken her career. Good work. Let’s hope you are an inspiration to all the girls reading my shit who think I am a movie producer and do this on the side cuz I tell them I am and they are so desperate they believe it….cuz I want self shot pictures of tits and that’s really the only way I think I’ll ever get em….a strategy that to date has not been successful…..

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