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Mental Patient Died in an Psych Ward due to Negligence of the Day

As the most incompetent person at everything I set my mind out to do, I can say that I have never been directly responsible for someone’s death in my incompetent ways. Truth is that I didn’t really have a job that would really put anyone’s life at risk, I mean other than being a Valet at a shitty hotel for about 3 days, before getting fired for being too slow, but other than that the only life at any risk was my own for operating machinery when completely wasted on the job or falling asleep, not showing up, and pretty much sucking at everything I put my mind out to do.

I saw this video of a mental ward waiting room and it pretty much blew me away, because 2 security guards, a doctor and a nurse all walked in and out on a dying bitch and did nothing about it because I guess they aren’t paid enough to actually give a shit. I was always under the impression that being in a hospital was the best place to be in the event something went wrong. I would remember I’d get severe panic attacks when in hospitals visiting dying friends because disease scares me and was confident they’d defibrillate or jack my lifeless body up with meds in the event that I was to go down, but then again, I don’t live in the US where poor people are prisoners to a flawed system designed for the rich. That is probably the reason why Magic Johnson is still alive with HIV and every whore I know from the 90s in New York that I used to spend time with and who got the germ are dead. That’s pretty much why I am up in Canada, not because I like it here but because it works for ghetto folk like myself.

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