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Emma Watson in Some Fake See Through Lookin’ Fetish Dress of the Day

The only reason I am posting this is because we’ve all watched her grow up and I know that whenever I catch myself checking out a girl I knew when she was 10, I feel nice and fucking creepy but not as creepy as you the first time you watched the Harry Potter movies and you thought about how hot she’s going to look after puberty hit or at least that’s what you told yourself to justify why you were jerking off to a 12 year old wizard to make things less fucking creepy, motherfucker

Well it turns out that she’s not all that hot and her see through fetish dresss isn’t even see through, but the post is done, I can’t turn back now.

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Amy Winehouse in a Mesh Shirt Showing Off her Hot Body of the Day

Amy Winehouse is the new poster girl for American Apparel’s line of mesh clothing. I mean it’s probably not the endorsement any company would want, but this is American Apparel and as I’ve slowly gone from girls I want to fuck, to weird hipsters who I’d only fuck if they were giving me free cocaine, it’s just the natural step for the company to start dipping deeper into drug culture, and take shit from the whole casual party use, to life ruining, sucking dick on street corners, despite being famous drug use….so little girls everywhere, who think this brand is the best thing since Hannah Montana something to aspire to be….

I think she looks fucking hot, you know it’s pretty shitty that she’s put on the bra, but probably not as shitty as she’s feeling, you know with her face falling off, the fact that she looks fat or pregnant, and the clear sign that death is just around the corner, but usually find the underdog at the beauty pageant the hottest, I figured she knows she’s not worthy of a crown and that rejection leads to her begging for a facial, the non beauty pageant kind.

Either way, Winehouse is a talent and it’s nice to see she’s really living up to the star that she could have been by rejecting all that glitz and glam and taking it to the street.

On a side note, my friend who I call Amy Winehouse, because he’s a fucking wreck called me last night. I didn’t pick up the phone because when he calls it’s always about him. He never asks me what I am up to, he just asks for money or something to borrow to pawn, or to help get him out of a jam. I called him back today, telling him I was sorry because I know that with him, that call could have been his one call from prison after being arrested for being a nutcase, but he just said it wasn’t a big deal, a hooker died on him and he wanted my advice before calling the cops because he didn’t want to look suspect or get taken in for questioning after they figured out he solicited sex. I thought he was joking, so I said something like “i love all hookers, dead or alive, so long as they’re still warm” and he broke down crying admitting that he didn’t stop fucking her when she stopped moving.

I’ve been scouring the news for a dead hooker, and haven’t found shit, so I assume he was lying, or having one of his delusional drug incidents, but he claims he just got he fuck out of there and didn’t bother calling the police…so in a cheap motel room, some crackwhore is rotting…..and the whole thing is way to twisted for me…

I figured the story was a good fit to the way Winehouse is lookin in these pics….

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