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Vanessa Hudgens is a Mess of the Day

I like to keep track of all girls who get naked and put their pictures on the internet….So here’s Vanessa Hudgens lookin like a bit of a mess. She’s got the tag still on her dress, the band aid on her leg, and the whole thing is amazing to me…not so much because she’s sloppy, but more because I know she takes nude pictures of herself and sends them to her boyfriends, something I wouldn’t require from a girl if I was in the dating scene now, and something I appreciate when boyfriends get bitter and make shit up and definitely something I don’t ask for from my wife, because we don’t need proof that shit actually exists and isn’t just bad movie make-up or a cartoon of a fat girl….but when young girls do it, especially when they are on shows designed for kids, it is totally amazing….that’s why we care what this bitch is doing…

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Tara Reid is a Spring Break Mess of the Day

I wonder what the Cancun Airport smells like when the Spring Break week is over and all the college whores head back to their normal lives. I am thinking like stale beer, cigarettes, cum and aids….a lot like Tara Reid’s vagina.

These are some pictures of our All American Sweetheart arriving in LA after her Cancun party weekend, reliving the last 10 years of her life, since she’s always on fuckin’ Spring Break all year round and she doesn’t even go to school or work because spring break is her job. The bad news is that shit is catching up to her as her face slowly falls off her body…the good news is that all those fees she charges to show up to your party can cover the cost of plastic surgery. I say she’s got another solid 10 years in her before she’s gotta hang up the bikini and sleep it off because this bitch is stamina.

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