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Ashlee Simpson’s Mom Ass Feeds the Meter of the Day

I guess it was a slow day in celebrity sluts being sluts because everywhere I look I see these Ashlee Simpson’s mom ass in tight jeans feeding the meter and I don’t fucking get it. Maybe people are into the way the pants hug her cunt, or maybe they like that she looks like she’s wearing a wig cuz they have a bald girl fetish cuz bald girls are always fun to cum all over, or maybe they like the leader of the suburban mall emo girl even though suburban mall emo girls are fucking annoying even when they suck your dick with their pierced tongue, or maybe they like knowing a baby has passed through this young body proving that she fucks, or that her she has a hot sister and faggot husband, or they like flat ass or maybe they just miss her recording career she thought she could pull off cuz her sister did. I just know they bore me….

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Christina Ricci Feeds the Meter and Not Herself of the Day

So Christina Ricci is wearing spandex and by the looks of her sloppy skinny body, she looks like she’s still got her eating disorder. So the only feeding that goes on in her life is when she feeds her meter, because let’s face getting a parking ticket is a way worse fate than dying of starvation or an anorexic induced heart attack.

The truth is that I support eating disorders, despite not having one of my own, unless overeating shit counts and an eating disorder, which I think it does, but my kind of eating disorder makes slipping into a pair of leggings a really embarassing thing and not just becaue I have a small penis.

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