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MIA for your Hindu Fetishists of the Day

I don’t find MIA hot. If anything I find her totally over-rated. She was like some kind of hipster female MC who broke thru and somehow became mainstream. She got this huge following and it didn’t make any fucking sense to me. She didn’t have tits, she didn’t have a hot body, her music may have been catchy, but seemed more like something fags would fall for and that wasn’t enough justification for me and then I realized she was so big because half the world’s population is Indian and they find this shit fucking hot…like they jerk off to her thinking she’s some kind of beauty cuz she’s not as hairy as their tumeric eating wives, so I figured I might as well post the shit for my Indian readers, but also for my weird white readers with a Hindu fetish, who spend their weekends jerking off to Bollywood movies and Slum Dog Millionaires while eating Tandori chicken…naked…

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MIA Pregnant Performance at the Grammy’s of the Day

I know Sri Lankans, some of my favorite beer venders are Sri Lankans, and evey time I go in the fucking place, the wife is knocked the fuck up and about to explode babies all over the cigarette display case, so seeing MIA performing on her due date didn’t do much for me, except turn me on, because I know the sheer top on pregnant chick is wrong because she’s too pregnant to take out back and rape like a farm animal, hey don’t hate me, she’s the cocktease, but clearly not always one because in a few hours bitch will be naked on a bed getting a 8 pound living thing ripped out of her snatch that she got getting 8 inches shoved in her snatch the last time she wore sheer panties and everyone knows that makin’ babies does more damage emotionally and physically than rape….so maybe you should find the baby daddy and tell him what he did was wrong, and leave me the fuck alone.

On a side note, Maya, as she’s known in Montreal to the hipsters, comes through here on the regular because one of her 300 aunts owns…wait for it…a store here, and I hear she’s nothing but a sweetheart to get drunk with so I won’t dis her like she was Lily Allen, Katy Perry or Lady Gaga or that trash, and I’ll just wish her a happy pregnancy/healthy delivery/and pray from some before and after pussy shots.

See, I’m a nice guy.

Here are some pictures of her dressed like a clown, if you look closely you’ll see her baby’s hand giving you the finger, cuz motherfucker’s already a rockstar, you’d have to be to survive that hairy womb.

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