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Michelle Mylett Twerk of the Day

Michelle Mylett is a babe on some Canadian show called Letterkenny.

I know the show is a hit here in Canada, and I’ll assume that it has followed Degrassi / Schitts Creek / Trailer Park Boys / Tom Green and has finally made it in America, because I see her name popping up on the perv forums I rape and pillage for content everyday.

So now that the show is big in the USA, the babe on the show, can be appreciate by all your perverts the way we’ve all been appreciating her here in Canada.

I remember being a dancer at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics when she was 18 or 19….because all Canadians know each other….we go to IGLOO Parties and drink Maple Syrup together….and now 9 years later she is finally the star we all expected her to be…and she will go onto great things….

This booty shake in her sweat pants is just the start of the greatness that is to come. It’s been fun watching Michelle Mylett move up the ladder of celebrity. It’s like seeing one of our own infiltrate enemy lines to pollute your fat and lazy culture with our SOCIALIST ideals….

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