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I am – Michelle Ray Smith Is Cleavage of the Day


I don’t care about hockey, I hate people who are hooked on it here and it’s not just a stereotype, Canadians live and breath this shit and anytime there’s a game in town they all get loud and annoying and break shit and I have yet to see a hot chick in a hockey jersey or into hockey so these asshole jock-lovin testosterone frat boys and fat drunken french men really should re-consider the whole loving hockey thing, because life is about hot pussy and not about watching dudes skating, because skating is probably the gayest activity a person can do….I mean other than sucking on their best friend’s dick, because that’s substantially gayer….

I don’t know much about Michelle Ray Smith other than when I first saw her pic I wanted to know more about her, she’s on some Soap Opera, she was in Victoria Secret and Noxema Commercials and she’s in her 30s. I was distracted by her amazing tits to realize that she was old.

I was walking outside today because I like to commune with the people sometimes, being an internet celebrity allows me the anonymity to you know just be normal, because I’ve decided that having 12 readers makes me an internet celebrity. I walked by some hot girl who I though was a young 20 something studying for an upcoming exam. She was wearing tight jeans and had a banging ass, she had blonde hair as was pretty well put together. I decided to conveniently stop and stare at her hoping she’d notice so that I could tell her how I want to watch her shower but as I got closer I realized she was inher mid 30s and was reading a baby naming book, meaning bitch was knocked up.

I was into the fact that she was packin’ fetus and that I knew she took load in her at least once but probably a whole lot of times because I’ve never used a condom and never had a pregnancy scare, unless I have but gave the girl the wrong name or number, or maybe they just didn’t want to have to smell me again because they were ashamed enough that they let me plant my seed in them, which works out better for me because paying for an abortion is such a waste of money and the whole process of pretending you care when all you’re thinking about is that these fuckin’ doctors better get all of this baby out. Reality is that I was probably shooting blanks but I like to think that if I did knock a bitch up, that brought the baby to term and I have my own little army out there that I don’t know about…maybe I am your dad….sorry I was never there for you…don’t call me, I can’t deal with this responsibility….unless you’re rich and successful in which case, where have all my birthday and christmas gifts been the last 20 years you cheap fuck….

Point of this post is that I love this Michelle Ray Smith girl.

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