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Michelle Suppa and Jennifer Nicole Lee in American Curves of the Day

I love fit girls…but I hate overly fit girls….but would probably take overly fit girls over fat girls….depite their enlarged clits….because fit girls are strong enough to bounce on cocks for 30-60 minutes thanks to all the power squats and cardio they do in the gym….but more importantly these fit girls always have fake tits….you just gotta see past the fucking faces that look like dudes…and embrace the sex drive the high testosterone gives them….because it is better than a pile of shit fat girl you have to do all the work on and she still has risk of stroke just laying there – it’s more disgusting than some mucles…..cuz sloth behavior and laziness and overeating on a woman is disgusting….

That said, Michelle Suppa and Jennifer Nicole Lee are two low as fuck level bitches who love attention and are clearly gym rats…and they are in a magazine called American Curves showing off muscle…

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