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Milana Vayntrub Big Cleavage in her One Piece of the day

In an era of all fat chicks thinking they are hot chicks…and all fat chicks having the same attitude as hot chicks….it is nice to see a girl in a one-piece bathing suit…because as fat chicks try to perpetuate their lie of being hot chicks…bikinis are used far too liberally and with that comes a fucking lot of gut hanging over bikini bottom weirdness that is neither interesting or fun to look at…but is fully fucking repulsive…

I am not saying fat chicks shouldn’t get fucked like the rest of women, or that dudes shouldn’t find fat chicks hot in the privacy of their own home at 3 am when drunk….I am just saying keep it to your damn self and if you NEED to be in a bathing suit, and you shouldn’t ever NEED that…..wear the fucking one piece..

Let Milana Vayntrub guide you…and she’s not even that fat…but her titties are.

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