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Since Russia Rigged Your Election – and everyone is crying about it – because your country is so weak that Russia has the ability to rig your election for you – something that should make you all very nervous if it is actually true – because that’s pretty fucking weak…

I guess if they can rig your election, and decide your president, they can probably do a lot more damage, especially since your country is so unstable and disliked….but I guess watching things self destruct is a better troll than just attacking a country….

I am not anti American, I just have a hard time believing that the country can allow Russia to decide who will win the election…if they did decide the election…maybe there should be a re-election…or maybe that’s what they are trying to get done…seems like fake news to me….blame Russia…

So to celebrate Russia and their rumored win, in a country that has been rigging elections in the middle east forever…the same country that created and trained Bin Landen and Sadam….only to create wars against those people…that you all paid for with your tax money…here’s some Russian actor, who rigged your American movies in the 90s….in Russian Elle…which is owned by an American country…GLOBALIZATION yo…

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Milla Jovovich Tits for POP Magazine of the Day


Milla Jovovich lives. The other day I posted some pics of her in VOUGE, while saying something along the lines of that I stopped paying attention to her 15 years ago when I found out she was actually raised in America and I felt lied to….that was only partially true, I mean her fame fizzled out, but she was doing movies, appearances, photoshoots, much more recently than 15 years ago..I hadn’t posted on her since 2012-2013…and I post everything….

People are die hard fans of hers…they fucking love her…so in a way….she will never die…and not just because people still dress like her for Halloween…but because people are weird and get obsessed with specific people…and Milla Jovovich happens to be one of them…I don’t know why…

But I do know that she must be in a new movie, making a comeback, on her quest for Oscar…because she’s not just in VOGUE…a post I won’t bother linking….because it was a day or two ago and you should be ontop of everything I write…every last work hanging off your memory…and now she’s in Pop where she’s poppin out them 41 year old mom tits…and it’s not as bad as it could be…I mean it’s not great….but it’s not as bad as it could be…

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Milla Jovovich for Vogue Ukraine of the Day


Milla Jovovich lives. I stopped paying attention to her 15 years ago when I found out she was actually raised in America. It took a lot of her ethnic appeal, you know mail order bride born during the cold war, escaped via modeling, or by climbing the Siberian mountains..that she almost died doing….before landing a movie role in the Fifth Element….a movie that people still dress up as for Halloween…

My memory of Fifth Element is getting a fucking handjob in a drive in theatre by some fat chick – thinking – why couldn’t I be getting a hand job by that orange haired goddess…only to imagine orange hair on this pig giving me the handjob – giving me a visual of a terrifying Ronald McDonald’s if he actually ate McDonalds vibe – before clowns were terrorizing people in the USA….they were terrorizing me…

I still came on her and ended up marrying her…so in ways the Fifth Element and Milla Jovovich ruined my fucking life…and I guess ruined hers by having a bunch of kids…but here she is now..VOGUE UKRAINE…making moves like old times…

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Milla Jovovich Nipple for Vogue of the Day


I remember a time when Milla Jovovich was a big fucking deal. She was in the Fifth Element, girls wanted to be here and died her hair to look like her…and dudes loved her…from nerds to ravers who at the time were the same thing…before the BROS moved in on the RAVE….because MDMA makes girls easier to RAPE…and because their inner closet case faggot can shine through as they dance shirtless in the pit with a bunch of HIV positives…feeling like they’re at home…hugging each other…only to gangbang chicks to feel hetero again…you know how it is…

Not that that has anything to do with Milla Jovovich…who was all the rage, model turned actor, it was the 90s…she’s old…and no longer all the rage, I think best described as ravaged…but that massive nipple is kinda funny right…

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