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Lil Wayne’s Million Dollar Birthday of the Day

I like Lil Wayne. I’ve been forced to listen to his music and his rhymes are funny. He’s like a comedian and doesn’t take himself too seriously and it makes for a good time. The other reason I like Lil Wayne is because so does every single young hot girl out there and it gives us something to talk about when I see them out in bars and I’m trying to get invited back to their house for a warm shower and meal….

This past weekened, Lil Wayne celebrated his birthday at Mansion in Miami, he turned 26 and his adoptive father/ lover, Birdman, who apparently made him who he is today and they even have matching crosses on their foreheard to show their love for eachother and despite that making me feel really uncomfortable, like the time I saw a street hustlin’ kid get into a Mercedes with some rich Jewish guy to service him, it matches all their other tattoos that leave them lookin’ more like a public bathroom stall in a gay bar, and god knows I know what those look like, than a rich famous rapper.

Either way, Birdman brought him a breifcase with a million dollars as a gift and it’s nice to see that the economic crisis is really taking a toll on their spending and lifestyle. I hear he’ll be eating cereal with water for the next couple months to make up for this gift, but it’ll probably be worth it as Lil Wayne and him pop some E and pretend each other’s asses are vaginas for the rest of the week, because I hear that’s the kind of thing you gotta do to make a million dollars these days….and it’s probably worth it.

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