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Models for La Perla of the Day

Ming Xi, Izabel Goulart, Sigrid Agren as the faces and bodies of the recent La Perla campaign. They are all big models so you can assume that they each got paid over 100,000 dollars for this, and you can also assume that the photographer they used was one of those 50,000 dollar a day motherfuckers, so that they probably pumped 750,000 dollars into this….which may be nothing compared to their 100s of millions of dollars of sales they make each year…but that is still an absurd amount of money for shitty quality photos, that are boring as fuck, or product that no one really fucking needs, but that is just created to give people a reason to make more money to fill their empty lives with nothing….and from an outsider perspective, how many underwear companies does the world really need, it’s just fucking underwear…

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Ming Xi Naked for Vs. Magazine of the Day

This fashion spread is interesting…because there’s no clothing in it…and being form the school of thought where vagina lip is the only fashion trend we need to see on the street…it’s nice to see things finally going my way….not that you can see vagina lip in this Ming Xi for some magazine I’ve never heard of shoot, but but she’s naked enough to give me hope that one day girls will be…..it’s a step in the right direction not that you care what I think…just look at the pics while I nurse this hangover…

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