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Christmas Miracle of the Day

What better way to start the day and get in the Holiday Spirit that to watch some crazy Jesus people make a baby come to life. Nine days or less til Christmast is not a very long time to convert you cold, evil, dead soul to a warm, loving and friendly Christmas spirit, you know good will towards men, I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, it’s a wonderful life, bullshit that Hallmark and Coca Cola have been force feeding us our entire lives….maybe there is hope, maybe there is a higher power and I think this is the proof you need to know….that we are smaller and less important than we think we are and that maybe there is a Santa Claus…and he is in the form of this Christian Minister…because there’s no way she didn’t just pay this gutter mother to give her kid a sleeping pill and to keep her mouth shut or else she’ll go to child services or to the welfare……

Either way, this psycho Jesus bitch should start a Cancer clinic to save the motherfuckers….or she needs to be shut down for being a fucking con artist….

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