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Moa Aberg TITTIES of the Day


Moa Aberg is a singed model with IMG…so that means she’s a legit model, the kind who doesn’t need to fuck creepy dudes with big accounts on instagram for followers, as IMG reps all the most important models in the world…and to get signed with IMG is totally what the instagram model who fucks the instagram creepy photographers dream of…but never get because they are bootleg, bunk, ghetto bitches who just know how to buy followers, or get naked, while this one, doesn’t even need to bother with instagram followers, she’s already getting paid bro….

But she’s a woman and as a woman she can’t resist but get naked because ultimately, the more followers you have, instagram model or real model, or not, the more money you get paid and the higher profile rockstar or celebrity or DJ you land and get knocked up by at 30 when your life is theoretically over as a model..

So here are them tits there. From Sweden with love.

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