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Montana Cox Hard Nipples of the Day

Montana Cox Wet White Bikini Hard Nipples

Montana Cox is an Australian model, best known for being the winner of cycle 7 of Australia’s Next Top Model.

She brought her nipples on the beach in a white bikini, which is a solid development and progression to her career….

I also appreciate that she is in a white bathing suit, not white or maybe wet enough, because from a young age, I have known the power that a white bikini can do…it was summer in the late 80s or early 90s…and my friend’s sister was standing over me in the pool…totally unaware that I could see her full coinslot pussy lips…as if she was fucking naked…a big deal for a pervert 16 year old…and I guess the rest of the people in the pool who found me in the corner of the pool jacking off to what I just witnessed…humilating…sure….but the white bikini made me do it…


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Montana Cox Panty Flash of the Day

Montana Cox Panty Flash Bent Over in Low Cut White Dress

Montana Cox is some Australian model I’ve never heard of, because there are too many slutty girls to keep track of in life and only a portion of them are celebrities, actresses or models or instagrammers…you know some are just regular slutty girls in our everyday life and it requires a lot of effort to try to remember each and every one of them….brain power my brain power can’t really pull off…

Well Montana Cox is 24, a winner of Australia’s Top Model in 2011….when she was 18…her dad was a famous Australian footballer, her porn name is her legit name, which makes sense if you’ve met any Australian girls who are all porn chicks in their own right, just get a couple of drinks in them and they are down for a good time….

So this is her now…Rockin’ that porno name harder than a pornstar..cuz it is her real name flashing little shorts for the paparazzi…

Montana Cox Cleavage in Low Cut White Dress Spreading her Legs

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Montana Cox Australian Titties of the Day

Montana Cox Titties

Montana Cox from Australia’s Top Model…

I think it’s safe to say we should like anything with the name Cox, except maybe Courtney Cox and Cox Communications….because I hear all those big broadband and cable suppliers are the worst…but I am happy to celebrate Montana Cox because there’s no way that’s not a porn name, or maybe her parents were just into strippers and though it would be perfect to send their child through life with a porn name, and in some self fulfilling prophecy, like she was named to get naked on the internet…she’s managed to do it in a shameless, stripper like-way, but more artsy because it’s got filters on it…..

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