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Leslie Bibb, Maria Menounos, Heidi Klum and Morena Baccarlin Nude for Alure May of the Day

Allure Magazine got a few people who I guess are famous…but I am too lazy to find out who half of them are, stripped them down and made them strategically nude, even though strategic nudity is not naked at all, like that girl I was fucking for a few months who never let me see her pussy, she managed to hide it, even when I was eating it out, in some kind of mystical shit that made me wonder if I was banging a fucking tranny, and that strategic positioning was so I couldn’t see the sex change scars….who fucking knows or cares, the pics are dull…and I shouldn’t be posting them….but I am anyway….cuz it distracts me from my real life responsibilities of being an unemployed man.

Here’s Heidi Klum’s Video…..if you care….

Here are more HEIDI KLUM IN THE REST OF HER PHOTOSHOOT …if you care….

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