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Natalia Bulycheva is Some Model doing Ballet for Stolnick of the Day


Natalia Bulycheva is some ballet posing model…because I guess that’s how communism works…and I love her…

I am just disappointed that she’s not on some mail order bride site, unless Stolnick magazine is a mail order bride site….I’m too lazy to check….and too busy trying to give my half retard brain some culture in a “so this is ballet, I didn’t see Black Swan lesbianism with Mila Kunis, and I don’t really hit up Nutcracker every year because I am no faggot.

When you think about flexible skinny chicks in leotards..all that dance and gay shit goes out the window…and becomes straight softcore communist Russia fetish porn….with articles of clothing that rub tits and pussy at the same time due to genius engineering….

The only thing to fear with Russian women, is that they are spies and killing machines…with Russian mobster boyfriends who will kill you, so it’s better to focus your Russian fetish on cam girls not magazine models living in Europe…..but you can follow their Instagram

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