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Natalie Gulbis LPGA Old Timer in a Bikini of the Day

Natalie Gulbis LPGA Old Timer in a Bikini

Natalie Gulbis is a LPGA golfer who has been on the circuit for 17 years.

I don’t watch LPGA golfing, or any golf because it bores me..

I don’t like golf as a game, or concept and the dudes who are all about golf are the bros I try to avoid…who you may be.

I do not find the sport to be a sport, sure there’s skill involved, but walking around with a bunch of white dudes in dumb outfits hitting a ball into a hole seems like a waste of fucking time, and even pretty fucking gay cuz there’s no pussy…I mean unless you’ve got this old thang in on it…

So golf hate or not, I don’t mind golf tits, even if it’s 17 years too late

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