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Natalie Jayne Roser Nipples of the Day

Natalie Roser is a hot Australian bikini model, which I guess all Australians I know of are pretty hot, but that could just be because I ignore the uglies, because I am sure there are uglies, it’s just that they don’t pop up on the instagram explore page for rocking bikinis…so my vision of Australia, thanks to social media and stereotypes of Australians, based on all the drunken Australians I’ve met, is that they’ve allowed their criminal lineage to make them fun people, because as you know, criminals don’t give a fuck, like having a good time, and thanks to being ocean based…they also have hot bikini bodies…it’s a cultural thing….

I don’t know if it’s racist to say that Australians are a degenerate group of hot chicks who like to get drunk, fuck and have a good time, if anything that’s probably the slogan the Tourism board should use, until those who don’t like getting fucked, drunk and having a good time, while in bikinis will CRY about…

Now I don’t know what this TITTY pic is for, but it’s a TITTY pic…and that’s what matters!


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Fredericks of Hollywood is Still Around and Here’s Natalie Jayne Roser of the Day


Fredericks of Hollywood is a cheesy fucking lingerie brand…that was a big deal in the late 90s…all the trashy celebrity sugar babies were up on it – before the whole hip hop and instagram thing made them hae expensive tastes….

Well, apparently it is still around…and still doing the exact same trashy thing, even though they recruited has-been Megan Fox to be their business partner…

This isn’t Megan Fox, this is someone named Natalie Jayne Roser who seems to be pretty much living up to the brand’s image…and style…and more importantly…that hard face looks like she’s one of their original shoppers or clerks…

Look at them making their comeback…by possibly using pics they took in 1992.

Oh – She’s a Not from the 90s – she’s Actually a Current Instagram Whore and She Looks like a Cheesy Weathered Girl Thanks to Australia Ozone Layer

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