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Necro’s New Video of the DAy

I just woke up – It’s got something to do with drinking until 7 in the morning and not really worrying about my website that steals my fucking soul…So watch this to distract yourself while I slowly crawl out of the death that I’m feeling….

It’s Necro’s new video. I’ve been listening to Necro since the late 90s. So make this guy the next Drake, because he’s blacker and harder than Drake will every be. Before he took speech lessons on how to sound black, because before he met Lil Wayne the only black dude he met was when he’d cross the street to avoid them…clenching his purse and shit like the white Jewish woman he is….at least Necro touches on the real issues in life.

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Rapper Pisses on His Groupie to Get Noticed of the Day

I think this kind of Necro rap is really representative of the fall of society. These are white Jewish thugs who totally misunderstood what being “hard” was all about and have taken their music and image to this really dark place trying to get some kind of street cred that I can’t respect. I don’t see talent, I just see white kids in small towns imitating them even though they are Jewish and this is all an act, because the Jews I know are all little pussies behind the tough guy, pervert ballin’ image. They are the first to call their lawyers and whine like little bitches when push comes to shove, but until they get beat up for the first time we have to deal with this misogynistic act of pissing and slapping bitches. I find the whole thing pretty embarrassing for them, especially considering they had to pay this bitch to do it and she didn’t do it because she thought they were awesome….

I am posting it anyway because just the other day, I was walking with my hot 18 year old friend and 2 white kids in inexpensive thug gear rolled by in a Chrysler 300 they thought was a Bentley. They went on to cat call her with me there, screaming that they had a record deal and would be worth 45 million in 2 years and for her to get in. I didn’t do anything about it, because I didn’t really care since I was the one walking with her, and these kind of hot heads who listen to this garbage music are the first to take a tire iron to a Mexican’s head to tell their friends about and I knew eventually they’d drive away, just like I’m hoping Necro and his shitty crew do too.

Watch the video. It’s really too much, and not in a good way and remember this is coming from someone who has pissed on a girl and will piss on a girl again, but who likes to keep that shit private and behind closed doors and not as some really desperate attempt for attention.

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Necro’s Who’s Your Daddy Video of the Video of the DayNecro’s Who’s Your Daddy Video of the Video of the Day

A few years ago, I posted a Necro in Montreal Video , where he pulled a girl from the audience up on stage and took her shirt off in front of the crowd then humped her o while her boyfriend watched.

Dude’s music was almost appealing 8 years ago when I first heard it and I thought it was funny, he was vulgar and said some pretty disgusting things that made me laugh, but his shit got tired fast and I couldn’t even stomach to hear his voice and lame rhymes about making vaginas bleed with his big dick. Then I found out he was just a Jewish kid from New York crying for attention because his older brother was more successful than him and this was his lame attempt to get noticed.

Either way, I guess I wasn’t the only one who felt like Necro was bullshit, because he pretty much fell off the map, got fat and continued to do shitty projects no one cared about.

Here is his video for a song called Who’s Your Daddy, a song I feel like I heard when I listened to his shit for a week 8 years ago, but I guess it’s never too late to make a video…. It has some cameos from Ron Jeremy and Max Hardcore and some porn sluts and it’s obviously one of those “get girls naked and people will watch” videos that brain washes us into listening to shitty songs just to see the pussy.

The funniest thing about the whole thing is how much of a pussy Necro looks in it. He sings like he is so hardcore and misongynistic and demented and as he drops lines about shoving a gun in a cunt and accidentally shooting the bitch, shitting on a bitch and pissing in her mouth, fucking a bitch in ass til her colon falls out all while calling himself the sexxxorcist because he’s so crafty, motherfucker is all while gently touching, rubbing and french kissing hired pornstars like they were his fragile virgin girlfriends and virgins I know have been more aggressive with sluts they are paying to fuck…

The whole thing reminds me of this really lonely friend I had, who treated actual prostitutes like he was in love with them and we’d laugh at him because he’d be giving them massages and shit while the rest of us were trying to convince her to let us all cum her face at the same time. All this is to say, that Necro’s lyrics are lies, his video is bullshit and his career is a fucking joke but all music videos that show vagina get posted here so enjoy.

We can only hope this kinda shit slowly makes it into the mainstream because watching Ashley Simpson or Miley Cyrus or High School Musical sprawled out, sucking dick and topless would be the only thing that would make their next videos worth watching….

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