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Nikki Sixx Overcompensates with his Hooker of the Day

Nikki Sixx looks like an old little jewish woman who has had too much plastic surgery after spending the day getting her hair and make-up done at the salon for her grandson’s bar mitzvah , so there’s no surprise that he’s trying to over-compensate for his 5 foot 5 stature and very likely homosexuality by hiring some stripper trash to walk around with her trash fake tits and flat ass body in a see through outfit cuz stripper trash has no fucking shame especially when getting paid, and the whole thing is a serious fucking joke…I seriously haven’t seen someone with millions of dollars try this hard in a long fucking time…I mean dude can just give up the act and rot away in a mansion somewhere…but instead he makes public appearances with this shit and I guess I can’t really complain cuz I shouldn’t really care and I don’t…but I just can’t help but find the whole thing seriously fucking pathetic.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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