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Shenae Grimes Emotionally Eats Cuz She’s a Nobody of the Day

Shenae Grimes is the kind of girl who leaves her small town Canada town behind when she got her first big American job, you know who basically gives everyone she knows the big fuck you, I’ll see you at the Oscars cuz these producers of the shittiest show on TV think I’m fucking awesome, and never talks to any of her old friends again. She lets the “fame” get to her head, the ego get inflated and the delusions that this is just going to pave the way to an long lasting career in life changing movies, when in reality, she’s just got a well paying shitty fucking gig that will lead to a drug addiction when she crawls back to Canada and all her old friends after spending all her money and realizing she is unable to land another paying job without sucking dick on camera….

I have a feeling the tough times are on their way, because here she is emotionally eating like most failures do to get thru the hard times and she doesn’t even look hot in her fall from her peak….

Pics via Fame

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