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Some Where is Blossom Now of the Day

If you ever watched the show Blossom, like I did, not because I wanted to be the teen heartthrob that Joey Lawrence was and learn his trick, or because I was down with seeing an ugly dumpy Jewish faced girl live out her teenage day-to-day sitcom bullshit, or even because I wanted to fuck her best friend six, but because I was just amazed that such an ugly girl could get on TV. Even in the 80s I knew the Jews ran the industry and figured she was someone’s niece or kid or something that made them look past her broken down looks, maybe they created the pilot to shut her up and didn’t expect it to get picked up and when it did, were forced to keep it going and week after week I’d chime in waiting for the day the replaced her. They never did.

When I saw these pics of Blossom with her family, I realized that she never really grew into that nose of hers, she still looks like something created in a lab at a concentration camp and unlike the Jewish women I see around these parts, didn’t bother going under the knife to land a rich husband to get knocked up by for the lifestyle and stability she always wanted so that the hired filipino can raise them while she’s out shopping, doing her hair, or fucking her tennis coach.

The good news is that she never got work after Blossom and the blunder that was that show, didn’t make a wonky eyed star we could never escape, so for those of you who have forgotten, here’s that reminded.

Speaking of Jews, I met a Jewish guy with a Swastika tattoo, it was like seeing one of those ironic t-shirts like “I da ho, no u da ho” t-shirts, only way more hardcore.

Here’s the Blossom intro for those of you who luckily forget…

In my opinionation, the sun never shines in her ugly life….

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