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Imogen Thomas For NUTS Video of the Day

I don’t know who this is, but I think it’s safe to say she’s a whore. Not necessarily one who will sleep with you for money, but one who will sleep with you if you have money. I am just posting this video of her in NUTS because it was emailed to me and I wanted to get this party started, one day I’ll do video shoots with hot models for the site too, sure I don’t have access to these bitches, but who says they have to know about the shoot. That’s right, it’s a feature I call from “Applying for a job as the Doorman in your building, Gaining Your Trust, Then Visiting You With a Camera and Boner When You Least Expect It” or maybe just put some spycams in their toilets, either way, it’ll be better than this fucking garbage.

Yes, I am an idiot. What does that say about you? You’re the one visiting my site. Weirdo.

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Bianca Gascoigne Gets Naked For NUTS of the Day

Bianca Gascogine is the stepdaughter of some famous Footballer and outed him for abusing her mother forcing him to disown her even though his sperm didn’t make her but his wallen bank rolled her. She was on some reality TV show in the UK and admitted she has breast implants and was scared that her drunken outburst ruined her chances at a career after the show without considering the fact that she has no talent and never really had the chance to have a career after the show….but then I came across these recent pictures of her topless in NUTS Magazine, I’m sure not the first time she’s got topless for nuts, in fact, she’s probably only topless in NUTS because she got topless for the right nuts after being a drunken mess at a bar, not that being in NUTS is a sign of this fabled career she dreamt of having when back in denial of being a party slut whore actually happening, but it is a sign that she’ll get naked for money and exposure and that will lead to only one thing and that is video of her getting fucked that I’d watch, because unlike the 1000s of men who have experienced her pussy first hand, it’s the only way I’ll be able to ever know what her pussy looks like when it quivers….

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