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Madonna is Still Obnoxious of the Day

In case you were wondering, and I know you were, because the song Material Girl really connected with you back when it came out, at least to the point where you were bouncing around your house singing it in your mom’s dress in front of the mirror until your dad walked in on you and beat the fuck out of you for being a little queer, something he didn’t ever accept or want in his house, forceing you to supress that part of your life, but take on carpentry or Football to prove to him how much of a man you are, blocking out that love for Madonna for your entire life, leaving you unsure why every time her songs come on you feel like crying….Madonna is fuckin’ ridiculous.

Sure swimming in shorts and a tank top was a good thing, so that we don’t have to see her dying corpse of a body, but having a motherfucker hold an umbrella over her head is just fuckin crazy….

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