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Eliza Dushku Gets Eye Fucked By Some Who Can’t Dick Fuck Her of the Day

I knew an older guy who had spent many years drinking and eating badly. We used to hang in the park, he was retired and I was just a slacker, and he was shitting blood for a couple weeks before we forced him to go to the doctor. He had some kind of ass cancer and they had to remove something and that fucked up his boners.

So this dude spent the next 6 months depressed and complaining to us about how he can fuck whores like he used to, he couldn’t even jerk off because he couldn’t get it up, and that his shit was officially broken. He tried Viagra and it didn’t work, so his doctor suggested testosterone therapy because it was supposed to keep him young and virile, despite being in his 60s.

What that treatment did to him was fucking criminal, it turned him into a fucking monster. He’d stare down women like a guard dog scoping out a black guy climbing the junkyard fence, he’d talk about pussy more aggressively than ever, and he’d grab at random chicks who would walk by. Dude turned into a fucking rapist, but couldn’t do shit about it, because despite the fucking testosterone, his dick still didn’t work, so here was this raging hormonal freakshow who you couldn’t walk down the street without breaking some kind of law and scaring anything with a pussy, who was more sexually frustrated than you have ever been in your life because even though he wanted to fuck more than he ever did, he couldn’t do anything about it, so he got off the treatment, went back to normal and 6 months later they found out the cancer had spread and he died, and this picture reminds me of him and is my little tribute to let him know I have never forgotten those magical days of creepin’ together….

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