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Orange You Glad Kate Beckinsale’s Got an Orange Bikini of the Day

Here’s some more Kate Beckinsale bikini pictures because she’s in a different bikini and I know her fans are pretty fucking loyal to her, so why not help them out considering they probably need all the help they can get.

I went into a DVD store about a year ago, I don’t really know why I went into a DVD store, but I was looking around and had nothing better to do and figured chicks would be there going crazy over Zac Effron for the High School Musical DVD release, I was wrong.

What I did find was some weird tall awkward lookin’ guy who was fishing through the Underworld director’s cut DVD. He spent about 10 minutes looking at each and every box, lookin for the best one, with the least amount of damage and was doing it in some OCD way that made me feel uncomfortable because all the DVDs were brand fucking new and it wasn’t like it would make a difference. He eventually went up to the clerk and nervously told him that he needed 2 copies of it because he needed it for his collection and that he wanted to keep one of them wrapped and needed it to have no stickers on it because it ruins the packaging or some shit and I chimed in and said something like “wow, you must really like that movie” and he went off….what felt like 3 hours later, but was probably more like 5 minutes, I had learned everything about the fucking movie as well as that he already had the original DVD at home and that he wants to marry Kate Beckinsale. The whole experience left me feeling creeped out and uneasy and hating virginity….

So I am posting these pics for that guy.

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