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Rumer Willis Has Orange Hair of the Day

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted yet, don’t worry, it’s not because I am Jewish and celebrating whatever the high holiday is today, it is because I am lazy and like to take everybody’s holidays because I feel like I deserve them. I do sound Jewish cuz of my gay immigrant twang from learning english from a raging homosexual and nasal problems, but maybe I am just making excuses for that nose job I’ve always wanted…..

A nose job, is the least important surgery on the general public’s list of demands to Rumer Willis’ family before unleashing her to the public. A list that has gone ignored the last few years, but I guess dying her hair like the Great Pumpkin is Rumer Willis trying to make herself look prettier or more like the witch she looks like, by doing something wild and sexy with her hair, unfortunately, it’s like giving the broken down Chevy with no tires in your backyard a new paint job with some old cans of spray paint you’ve got in your backshed because you’re drunk and think it will be funny, only to realize shit’s still just a broken down Chevy with no tires that you might as well douse in gasoline and set ablaze like you were the bank robber trying to get rid of the evidence you wish you were, while playing role playing games with your wife, because she has a thing for bandits…

I don’t know what I am talking about or if I got the point I wanted to get across, but what I am trying to say is that the only way this bitch will ever be hot is if her mother decides to fire her mid-season and re-cast some slut from the local brothel, like they did with Becky on Roseanne back when I had a TV….Maybe that’s a dated reference for those o you who have had TV the last decade but shit’s still fresh to me.

Either way, here are the pics and good morning to each and everyone one of you….and by each and everyone of you, I mean you.

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Alyson Hannigan Pretends She’s Not a Fire Crotch of the Day

Here are some pictures of Alyson Hannigan pretending that she wasn’t born with red hair and that she doesn’t have orange pubic hair, because everyone knows that the only person who doesn’t throw up when seeing a bright pink vagina against a pasty freckled body wearing a fluorescent orange vagina hat, is either a virgin who is dying for pussy or a sexual deviant who either likes anything that comes his way, or anything he’s never fucked before. The good news is that every girl I’ve met with orange hair has kept her pussy bald more compulsively than any other girl, because even they find it fuckin’ disgusting, so stray hairs and stubble don’t exist. So if a bald pussy is your thing, go for the redhead, she’s probably more inclined to let you in and give you what you want, mainly because no sane person is fuckin’ her…you better watch out if she turns on you though, redheads are a different kind of human, one who’s genetic code is stronger than the average man and that’s because in the middle ages, people thought their fire hair kids were the spawn of the devil, and were brought out and left in the woods to fend for themselves, so the only ones who survived to reproduce were some kind of superhuman and that strong man gene has followed them right up until today. So as much as you want to laugh at your redheaded peers, you shouldn’t because they will hurt you. True story.

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