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Brooke Burke’s Padded Bra and Broken Foot for Dancing With the Stars of the Day

Here’s Brooke Burke at Dancing with the Stars, or what I like to call, ex celebrities trying to get some more exposure because they have less money in their bank accounts than Anne Heche, walking around with a food injury in some kind of slutted up 1950’s cheerleader outfit for one of her dances you’ve probably already seen.

These pictures of her tight body may not be as hot as watching the 68 year old woman across the street masturbating at night when she’s done watering her plants and forgets to her blinds while wearing a similar get-up from one of her glory days, I mean without a TV or an interest in reading, I don’t get the luxury of seeing Brooke Burke in her padded bra and I’m left with few options to entertain myself.

So if you’re down with seeing girls in costumes get hurt, or already hurt, these are for you. I figure if it saves a husbad from pushing his wife down the stairs to get off because he gets his fix here, it’s worth promoting….

Here’s some dude’s creepy video of her getting injured, performing, I am guessing he’s one of those fans that is so much of a fan, shit is borderline criminal…

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